Dissatisfied With Your Job? Break the Cage!

If you are dissatisfied with your job, you are in a self-imposed career slump! Why are so many of us in career slumps? Because we are not doing work that satisfies us! No matter what our employer does for us, if we are not doing work we really want to be doing, in a way that fits our desired life-style, we will never be satisfied.

What keeps us in career slumps for so long? The number one thing that keeps us in our slumps is that we believe the “myths” we were told!

1. We believe, “I can’t make money doing work I love.” Yet reality gives us a ton of examples of people who are wealthy and happy doing the work they do. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Interview Preparation and Job Search Success

Interviewing can be both frustrating and arduous because throughout the process, you receive little or no feedback except for the obvious: if they want you back, they contact you. If they don’t, frequently you never hear from them again. But after a first interview the reasons for not being asked back are numerous, and quite frankly, usually the reason is you: lack of experience, poor interviewing skills, inadequate preparation and research, or similar shortcomings. As a result, another candidate generated more excitement.

But sometimes you are the candidate that generates the excitement, and you’re the one that is invited back for a second or third interview. And though you’ve reached the final stages of the interviewing process with a specific company and feel sure an offer is imminent, suddenly…nothing. Continue reading

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Educational Qualifications Not a Deal-Breaker in Job Search

According to a recent survey, 52% of job candidates polled lied on their resume about having a college degree. Here are 3 brief horror stories:

A new Director of Logistics and his family were actually loading the moving van provided by his new employer for relocation from California to North Carolina. The phone rang and it was the Human Resource Manager from his new company. The offer was being withdrawn. Through a routine degree verification check, the company learned the potential new employee did not have a degree. He was 3 hours short of graduating. Had the candidate been honest, the job was still his. It was an integrity issue. Continue reading

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The Hidden Agenda of Interviews

It’s Not What They Ask – The Hidden Agenda of Interviews
What do you think you are going to an interview for? To list your qualifications and discuss what’s on your resume? That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and you’re the Titanic if you don’t go in with at least an idea of what is behind their questions.

Sure, there are the standard questions, because the basic information has to be conveyed some way, and besides reading your resume, they like to see you sweat and whether you can be caught out with any inconsistencies between what is on paper, and what comes out of your mouth. But interviews can be full of potholes that you won’t even see coming, because you’ve been lulled into a false sense of bonhomie by the pleasant manner of the recruiter. Before you know it, and sometimes even without knowing it, you’re spilling all your little job secrets, your insecurities, and clues as to your character or work ethics. Continue reading

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